In May 1977, The Grand Bahama Children’s Home was formed to help care for children who needed to be removed from their families for reasons of abandonment, abuse or neglect. These children were housed in various apartments.

The founding committee was comprised of concerned citizens: Mr. Terrance Roberts, Chairman; Isidell Gerguson, Vice-Chairman; Sylvia Davis, Secretary; Ellaine Sands, Assistant Secretary; Hadley Forbes, Asst. Treasurer; Bernie Davis and Dr. Breast, Directors and Mrs. Moon Kim-Malonson, Chairperson of the Fund Raising Committee.

In 1980, the Committee was re-organized and Lady Henrietta St. George became the Chairperson. The Grand Bahama Port Authority donated a building and the Grand Bahama Children’s Home was officially opened on Jobson Avenue. The Home cared for children from the age of six (6) weeks to eighteen (18) years. The numbers grew to nearly sixty (60) children, which proved to be too much for the building to accommodate.

In 1987, the Salvation Army, with the assistance of Lady Henrietta St. George, established Harmony House, a Home for teenage girls. In 1991, Lady Henrietta St. George built Columbus Houses I and II for teenage boys. This meant that the original Children’s Home then cared for children between the ages of 6 weeks to 13 years old.

On April 13, 2000 Lady Henrietta St George and Lady Turnquest, wife of the Governor-General, broke ground for The Village, a new children’s home on Tripp Lane. The old home, which has housed 900 children over 20 years, was in need of better facilities. The Village will be financed half by Lady Henrietta, Sir Jack Hayward and Edward St George, and half by government.

The Grand Bahama Children’s Home is run jointly by the Department of Social Services and the Grand Bahama Children’s Home Committee. It is funded through donations from the Grand Bahama Community and an annual grant towards salaries is received from The Bahamas Government.

Since the initial opening of the Home, over nine hundred (900) children have been accommodated. Approximately sixty-eight (68) children have been adopted or fostered. All children are placed in the Home by the Department of Social Services.