Let the Renovations begin! After the storm had subsided, and the floodwaters receded, with the children safely bundled off to their temporary new home in New Providence,  The Children’s Home was left with a big, soggy, smelly mess.  Wonderful, generous volunteers from The Freeport Rugby Club, Bahamas Adventures, The Rotary Club, and so many more showed up with supplies to make certain the children were cared for.  Teams of volunteers from far and wide arrived with face masks and work gloves, to empty the buildings of their ruined contents:  The Scientology Volunteer Ministry, a huge, great gang from Bahamas Relief Cruise, the Trinidad & Tobago Defense Force, Cristina Zenato from Unexso and some good, strong arms who accompanied her, as well as many local friends and family of the Children’ Home.  It took days and days to empty the buildings of everything from school bags to beds to refrigerators.  There are not ample words to express our great appreciation for all of these fantastic human beings.  But we hope that every single of of them understand just how thankful we are for their assistance.

And now we’re on to the real destruction, before the rebuilding can truly begin – Huge thanks to d’Sean Smith and Spartan Builders, for ridding the Children’s Home of the mouldy sheetrock and ruined floor tiles. One step closer to getting our kids back in their beds! #backintheirbeds

There’s still a long way to go, and so much to replace; please help by clicking on the link below, and donating to our GoFundMe page!  There is no contribution too small or too big!