Donations for Grand Bahama Children’s Home

The Grand Bahama Children’s Home was devastated.

A month after Hurricane Dorian, and our beautiful Grand Bahama Children’s Home for neglected and abused children is beginning its restoration, with the goal of having our children back to Freeport before the end of the year.  We have been blessed with receipt of our most immediate relief needs, clothes, mattresses, some appliances and more.  As our buildings begin to be repaired, we are asking those of you who want to help to please consider financial donations.  We are so thankful for the free shipping and storage we’ve been granted so far, but we are reaching our maximum capacity in an already devastated warehouse area.  International and local NGO’s are now changing the island’s needs to building supplies or financial donations  – so we can stimulate our economy too – and help Grand Bahama rebound economically.  At present, we are truly in need of funds to help redesign our existing buildings and to build two new storage areas.

We would be thrilled if you could offer assistance with the purchase of the building contents we will need to replace – from side tables, to sofas, to appliances. We are working with specialists to determine the most cost effective, durable options for these items, and funds for this, rather than the donation of individual items, will ensure that we can achieve a cohesive, well-designed rebuild for the Home.  You can contribute to our GoFundMe account at the link below, or reach out to us directly if you prefer to send a cheque or make a wire transfer.  Of course, every donation will be recorded and accounted for so that you can make sure every penny has gone to our children. We can’t wait to get our kids #backintheirbeds!

Click here to donate to our GoFundMe campaign!