Thirty-two children had to be bundled up and evacuated to a shelter late at night, in the middle of the storm, as floodwaters rose around them.

The Children’s Home was ravaged by Hurricane Dorian. Thankfully everyone made it to safety.

The structure of the Children’s Home buildings is sound.  But the contents are a total loss.  The entirety will need to be gutted. 

The children have lost everything.

The children (12 girls and 20 boys, ranging in age from 3 months to 14 years) have lost everything; from clothing to toothbrushes to books and toys.

The Home itself lost all its possessions as well; fridges, stoves, freezers, sofas – everything is gone. As a result, the children have been moved over to another home on a different island, until we can restore The Grand Bahama Children’s Home.

First and foremost, we are grateful that the children and staff of the Home are all safe.  Although we prepared well for hurricane Dorian with food and water supplies, generators, and battery-powered lamps, we were not ready for the sheer force of the storm, and we were helpless against the rising floodwaters.

Since 1977, The Grand Bahama Children’s Home has been committed to helping children who, through no fault of their own, are unable to be raised in their own homes.

The Home provides these beautiful little boys and girls a safe place to thrive; an anxiety-free home where their bellies are full, they have full access to daily education, a big yard to play in, wonderful, loving people who care for them, and cozy beds to sleep in at night.

We need your help.

We will restore The Grand Bahama Children’s Home as quickly as possible so that the kids can come back home. But we need help. 

Lots of help.

We are reaching out to the kind, good, and generous spirit we find every day in our community, and from cities around the world, to come to our rescue through donations of all kinds.

Donate towards The Grand Bahama Children’s Home

We have created an emergency fund to assist with the reassembling of The Grand Bahama Children’s Home.  We make this urgent plea for donations – please help us get our children back in their beds!