Proprietor of both the Meat Mart and Snackums recently made a sizable donation to the Grand Bahama Children’s Ho-me. The donations included a hefty amount of frozen and generous amount of snack food items for the young residents.
Executive Director of the Grand Bahama Children’s Ho-me, Sheila Johnson-Smith noted that this is not the first time that the owners of the establishments have donated so generously to the Home and she and her team are beyond grateful to the proprietors.
According to Johnson-Smith, “It has been so amazing to receive the donations from Snackums and the Meat Place. Last year we were really down to nothing. The Meat Place heard our cry and they gave us over $1,500.00 worth of meats. That was so amazing. She (proprietor of the Meat Place and Snackums) is such an amazing woman and has such a big heart, it is unbelievable.”
Following the first donation Johnson-Smith shared that the proprietor called her and said that they were ever in need again to let her know. “A couple of weeks ago I called her and said that whatever they could do for us, as far as meat is concerned, we would really appreciate it.”
The proprietor of Snackums and the Meat Place informed Johnson-Smith that she would get back to her. “She called me and asked if I could come to her store. We did and she gave us so much meat for the children. She and her staff were just amazing to us. She then told me that Snackums was going to call me to with a donation of snacks for the children.
“She was true to her word. Snackums called us and we went and picked up the snacks for the children. The children were able to have snacks to carry to school. I can tell you that they have been a blessing; the Meat Place and the Snackums teams have just been amazing to the GB Children’s Home. We cannot begin to thank them for what they have done for the Home.”
Wishing to remain anonymous, the proprietor of the Meat Place and Snackums expressed that the art of giving was embedded in her at a very young age. She also stated that she is indeed blessed and will continue to give as long as she can to those who are truly in need.
“I think that it is a human obligation to give and to share with persons that may be less fortunate. I think that we have a tendency to be so selfish and caught up in our own lives that we tend not to see what is going on around us. I believe that a lot more can actually be done for the children at the children’s home. Personally, at this present time, I do not have the time or the facilities to accommodate a child or two, but if I could I would.”
She further expressed that there are times when many have so much that they sometimes disregard resources or supplies. “We do not look at the fact that there are people out there who can use it; we have, unfortunately, become a population of waste.
“The act of giving for me is an innate thing; it is genetic. My mother is a local school principal, she is always shopping in my cupboard for the children at her school. I grew up around my mother brining home children, not just one or two, sometimes, at any given time she would have up to 10 kids from her school at home with us.
“Giving for me does not take a second thought. Being a business owner, I have had to become a bit more discretionary, as to whom to do give to because I would constantly give. Sometimes it went to the wrong people, those that did not necessarily need it. I truly consider myself blessed and I will continue to give as long as I am able to,” stated the proprietor.