December 10, 2012:

The children from the Grand Bahama Children’s Home were treated to a very special Christmas party thanks to BTC with the promise for more help in 2013 as a part of BTC’s Bahamas nation-wide focus on underprivileged children.

BTC Bahamas hosted the children to an afternoon of fun at Nesbitt’s grounds in Freeport where they were treated to a visit and presents from Santa, an electric performance from the Amazing Spiderman, laughter thanks to Ms. Daisy, face painting, slides, bouncing castles, singing, dancing, sweat treats and so much more.

According to Mr. Jerome Sawyer, BTC’s Senior Manager of Public Relations, the afternoon event helped to kick off to our Christmas charity at BTC and was also a part of a broader, company-wide initiative to put a lot more emphasis on helping children who really need it the most.

“Of course, Christmas is about children,” explained Mr. Sawyer. “And what we are doing is … a nation-wide thrust towards underprivileged children.”  Such fun filled activities were also planned in Nassau, New Providence and Cat Island along with specific projects on various islands to bring products and services to disadvantaged youth.  “This fits into our entire corporate-wide thrust when it comes to our corporate social responsibility.  We put a lot of emphasis on youth and a lot of emphasis on youth sports. This ties into that.”

The smiles, singing, dancing and laughter from the children made for a very special afternoon. “We are so very grateful to BTC for hosting such a wonderful event for our children,” said Mrs. Lesley Davies-Baptista, GB Children’s Home Executive Committee member who was on hand for the fun.  “What a fantastic way to spread Christmas love and cheer by giving these children, who haven’t always experienced such in their lives, a very special afternoon.  It was so heartwarming to see and it was not only a fantastic time but it is also created wonderful memories to stay with the children for some time to come,” added. Mrs. Baptista.

BTC, however, is not stopping at the fun-filled afternoon when it comes to its giving back to the Grand Bahama Children’s Home. Mr. Sawyer also revealed that the corporate-wide initiative would soon return to Grand Bahama to lend even more assistance to the Home.  BTC’s “I volunteer” program is an initiative where BTC employees volunteer their time and talent along with equipment and resources donated by BTC itself.  Out of that program, BTC has renovated and outfitted computer labs in the Children’s Home in Cat Island as well as the Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home in Nassau. Mr. Sawyer revealed that The Grand Bahama Children’s Home will also be part of this exciting initiative in the New Year when a team from BTC will assess the space and needs at the Home, provide the equipment and the service for a lab similar to those already done.

“We are overjoyed to be able to do this. Grand Bahama is very special to us…because of our employees as well as the support of the community which has been very good to BTC, and we are happy to give back,” explained Mr. Sawyer. “We see children as the future of the country… The technology that you are now seeing through BTC products and services is going to be primarily used by children. They are the future and so we have got to make sure we not only give them great products and services but we want to make sure we also give them opportunities as well.”

Executive Committee member Mrs. Sarah Kirkby presented Mr. Geoff Huston, BTC’s Chief Executive Officer,  with a special “Thank you” plaque with artwork done by the children at the Home. “Thank you BTC! We are thrilled at wonderful Christmas party for our children and the promise to do even more in the New Year. We are very blessed by such support,” said Mrs. Kirkby. “This year’s response from the community has been overwhelming – Grand Bahama is literally coming together and showing our children love and helping with much needed donations of all kinds. We hope that everyone giving knows just how important the donations are … and how very grateful we all are,” she added.