While visiting Grand Bahama in August the Petty family paid a visit to the Grand Bahama Children’s Home (GBCH) and also brought much needed school supplies for the children. Mrs. Petty reached out to the home via their website www.gbchildrenshome.com inquiring if she and her family could visit the home will traveling on Celebration Cruise Lines for the day. “I find it amazing that a family who was just coming to our island for a family vacation would take the time to visit our home and bring gifts for our home and children,” said Sarah Kirkby, GBCH Executive Committee. “We have been very fortunate this year to receive some wonderful back to school supplies but this donation from tourists really touches the heart and shows how wonderful people can be to each other!” Pictured at the home are (left to right) Christa Woodside, GBCH Office Assistant, Sean, Heather and Jonathon Petty, from Sarasota, FL and Natalie Russell, Home Supervisor at GBCH.