The Freeport News, March 15, 2004

Marco City Member of Parliament Pleasant Bridgewater paid a special tribute to Lady Henrietta St. George at the Grand Bahama Children’s Home luncheon on Friday. Following is the text of that tribute, which was headed, “Thanks to God for Lady Henrietta.” When God plans to set up a nation, he fashions special individuals with His character, qualities and leadership abilities, so that His purposes may be carried out in the earth.

The year was 1979. It was a fateful year in Mr. Edward St. George’s life. He had helped to successfully re-position the Grand Bahama Port Authority, the instrument through which he would enhance the lives of many Bahamians, and he had won the heart of the lovely Lady Henrietta. Much of a nation’s leadership success comes when those specially prepared vessels begin doing what no one else is willing to do: being moved by compassion to fill the need of others, risking an opinion, making a decision when everyone else is paralyzed by uncertainty.

When the freebase epidemic hit our city in the 1980s, many parents died, leaving orphaned children with no one to care for them. However, God already had a plan to restore us. That was when we learned of the gift He had sent us in the person of Lady Henrietta St. George.

First, she involved herself and encouraged her husband to relocate an entire community of people. Next, she commissioned the construction of the G.B. Children’s Home. Liaising with Government and the corporate community, she ensured that the financial requirements of this massive undertaking were met to the last detail. Clothing, food, staff, transportation, education, counseling, entertainment, worship and even job placement were provided; nothing was left undone in her commitment to our children.

When the cry went out that children with special needs were being ignored and exasperated, parents prayed to God for divine intervention. Again He sent Lady Henrietta to fill the pressing need. She had no challenged children of her own, but she joyfully embraced ours with so much love and devotion that future books on Bahamian history would be incomplete if these stories are not told.

Ladies and gentlemen, it would take the entire afternoon to recount the details of this great lady’s noble deeds in our island, and it would only embarrass her further. For those of you who are new to our city, you will find a clear description of Lady Henrietta St. George in Proverbs, Chapter 31. Lady Henrietta on behalf of the Bahamian people, who owe you immeasurable gratitude, may I present these small tokens of our great esteem along with our thanks to God for giving His own Proverbs 31 woman to our island of Grand Bahama.

May God continue to bless you and your family.