The Freeport News, January 26, 2004

The Grand Bahama Children’s Home planning committee has announced March 12 as the date for its second annual luncheon, which will be held in the Camelot Room, Crowne Plaza beginning at 12 noon. Unlike its first year, when the committee targeted women, this year the spring event is open for men as well. Guests are being encouraged to dress in their finest spring fashion, and committee members forewarned the ladies to not allow the gentlemen to “out do them.”

The gala spring event will feature the theme “An Affair to Remember” throughout the afternoon, with romantic interlude, said Dereck King, committee spokesman.

Funds raised from the annual affair are primarily used to assist with the running and upkeep of the Children’s Home. Treasurer Jean Hiverd noted that “fund-raising is always essential to the Grand Bahama Children’s Home.” She added that there are always expenses and “at the moment we have more children than we’ve ever had in the home.” She said the Home receives a grant from the government, but “fund-raising is expected and needed greatly.”

Mrs. Hiverd expressed thanks to members of the Grand Bahama community for their contributions and encouraged their full participation in the luncheon. “Our guests can expect fine gourmet dining and performances by specially invited guests,” said Mr. King. “We are appealing not only to the corporate community, but the community-at-large to support this special event.”

Partnering with Royal Oasis, Crowne Plaza Resort and Casino to host the event, Mr. King expressed gratitude to Donald Glass, public relations director at the resort. “We are very pleased to lend our support to this very important fund-raising event to benefit the Grand Bahama Children’s Home,” said Mr. Glass. He noted that the Home is a sanctuary, an oasis to children in need and has been providing service to the community since its inception. “Under the able leadership of Lady Henrietta St. George, supported by her hard-working staff and the Grand Bahama community, the Children’s Home has really been a landmark, a beacon in our community,” Mr. Glass said. He added that it is a delight for his company to partner in this event.

Gennie Wood, committee member, recalled the first luncheon being a great success. “Every time you do something, the second time around it must be done better than the first,” she said. “I believe this one will be successful, because we as committee members are committed to make it a success. Why are we so committed to this project? Because everything starts at the children’s level, and we need to do everything we can to have a positive impact on the children, who are the future of tomorrow.”

Karen Ferguson-Bain, entertainment chairman for the committee, revealed that guests to the luncheon can expect a star-studded event. She dropped names like Celine Dion, Lionel Ritchie, Diana Ross and famed dancers from London. “You won’t want to miss this event,” she said. “It may not be who you are expecting. Celine or Lionel may be sitting next to you.”